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Valiant Mirror is an adventure turn-based 70’s 2D JRPG video game for PC and console inspired by American and Japanese animation collaborations and first generation Japanese RPGs that plays like a classic animation.

The game focuses on beautiful immersive traditional gouache hand-painted analogue landscapes/backgrounds, expressive analogue traditional hand-painted cell animation and practical film VFX paired with a combination of ethereal music constructed with analogue recorded acoustic and electronic instrumentation.

A nostalgic heartwarming fairytale where an impulsive naive girl, a rakish boy and a stalwart hero unknowingly thrusts a magical world into chaos. From the ashes they rise to search for freedom, true love and friendship in a world where the intentions of others are not easily understood.

Valiant Mirror is a classic narrative driven story that will explore complex characterization and dynamics relating to social hierarchy. Valiant Mirror represents a courageous tale of self reflection where heartfelt actions lead to true and lasting personal empowerment.

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